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Today I sat down with Petter Klang, a developer at inRiver and we will now follow him on a normal day at work.

Petter, how do you usually start your work day?

“I come into the office, turn on my computer, grab a cup of coffee and say hi to the colleagues. After that I check that Service Fabric is up and running locally and get started on my assigned task.

At around 9 when everyone in the team is gathered there is a stand-up meeting.”

What´s a stand-up meeting?

“A stand-up team meeting is 5-15 minutes where everyone goes through what they did yesterday, what they will do today and if there are any issues they need help with. Either you help straight away or if the issues require more time you help each other after the meeting.”


What happens next?

 “Today´s task is to get the API controllers in place for the new .NET Core application that will allow external access. Finishing the first controller and its models, I do a check-in to the local git-branch. Time to celebrate, so it's time for another coffee.”

Tell me more!

“Now my colleague just finished with the bug fix so I am asked to do a code review on the changes. I log into the dashboard and see a pull request and review the code. I make small comments of improvements. Around 11 I get a skype from a colleague that wants a game of ping pong and of course I am up for the game.

After a smashing victory, I go back and see that the pull request is finished and give my colleague a big high five for fixing the bug!”

 Isn’t it lunchtime soon?

“Yes, me and a colleague goes to the gym for a nice exercise and finish the lunch back in the office in the sun at the lovely balcony.

The afternoon is moving on quickly and at 2.45 all controllers are done and checked in. Just in time for a team tech-meeting where a colleague is having a presentation on application insights and snapshot debugging.

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn and share ideas and questions.”

I really love that initiative! What is on the agenda for the last hour of the day?

“After the meeting, I go back to my desk, checking the dashboard if there are any pull requests, but there are none so I move on to the next part and starts with user interface.

Around 5pm I pack up and head home (if there isn’t an after work planned).”

To finish off our meeting I asked Petter what makes him tic about inRiver?

“I love working at inRiver because the challenges you have every day, it is pretty cool knowing that the code I write is used by over 700 brands, and amongst those, brands like Converse, H&M, Cartier, Dustin, Fujifilm. One other aspect that I like is that we have a huge partner community who rely and work with the interfaces and API´s that I am part of building… and that is a big responsibility but also a great feeling!"

Thank you so much – very interesting to hear about your day!

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