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Business Consultant Sirly Palenmark

Today I sat down with Sirly Palenmark, a Business Consultant at inRiver and we will now follow her on a day at work.

Sirly, how do you start your day?

Every day I bike to our office in Malmö city. 

I park my bike and at this time a year I take a few extra minutes and smell the beautiful flowers just next to the bike.

I enter the office smiling and greet the ones I meet. And coffeeeeee – I grab a cup of coffee.

What’s on the agenda for today?

At first, we have a stand-up meeting and this week I am Expert Services driver and I also have to prepare for a meeting with one of our customers, Intersport.

Ok, so let’s break this down a bit, how does your stand-up work?

Everyone in the Expert Services team get together for 10-15 minutes, talk through what we are currently working with, priorities etc.

Tell me more…

One of the tasks of Expert Services is to handle the support issues registered by our partners and as an Expert Services Driver you have the main responsibility to keep track of new support cases. So this part of the work is related to support. 

It makes me very happy when I can help our partners so they can move ahead with the customer solution. A rewarding part of the job!

So, support is one part of your job, what else do you do as a Business Consultant?

I am often involved in different customer implementations. Sometimes our Partners need our help with the analysis and with creating a Marketing Model for our new customers. My job is to support the partner in this process and advise the customer. I analyze customer’s product information and their work processes in order to create a Marketing Model in our service (iPMC).

What are you working with now?

Right now, I work with Intersport which is a really cool company to get to know.

 We have come quite far in the analyzis process. We started with a full day workshop in Amsterdam in order to understand their needs.

What sort of competences do you need in order to be successful in your job?

In the projects, I meet many different people and relationship building skills are relevant: you have to listen, understand, ask questions and sometimes challenge the way our customers are working.  My analytical skills help me in the support part of the job –

What is the most fun part with your job?

It is very exciting to get to know so many brands, everything from construction, sports, fashion, food. To be able to see how the bread is being baked in Estonia and next month visit the coolest office that sells furnishing in San Francisco.  I also enjoy our team, we have a very strong team spirit and help each other a lot and we have fun together. 

I love the variation with this job: I have hands on the system, I learn a lot of new things and at the same time I have a lot of human interaction.  Honestly – I love all of it!

My last question to you Sirly; what makes you tic about inRiver?

inRiver is such a cool growing company with a strong product that helps many companies to handle their content spaghetti. It is also a fantastic gang of people: inspiring and hardworking with great sense of humor.

To summarize; the software and the people make me tic! 

Thank you so much Sirly!

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